A Shark Base at Harefield

Help make the future Shark Slalom base in Harefield?

We have agreed to acquire some land at Rickmansworth Sailing Cub, which is just down stream of the Coy Carp.

We need to build some storage facility in the carpark area to enable us to be more effective and more efficient in delivering to quality slalom opportunities to our members.

This is nothing grand, we want to build a shed or prefabricated garage on the site about 4.5metres by 6.5metres.

However, first of all we need to clear the site. The space we are looking at: is currently a dilapidated building


We need to clear the site and then use the concrete base to put something more suitable there. In principle we have agreed a two year lease of the site, for a peppercorn, providing we clear and construct. We will also negotiate withe the Sailing Club future options of collaboration.

The big question is: Can you help?

We need to organise a working party or two to clear the site, cut back the trees and knock down the current structure.

Then we can take stock of what we have and what needs to be done.

The Future

If we can get some storage on this site, then we will be able to do more sessions more often, we will also be able to store some racing boats on site. This will enable us to not have to transport kit out each time we paddle. not just making it easier to organise but also reducing costs and our carbon foot print.

We think this has great potential.

Will you help?

We need somebody to co-ordinate this project.

We need volunteers to help clear the site.

We then need to identify what work is required to prepare the site and what we want to put up.

We also need to fund the construction (or get somebody or company to donate the materials).

Then we need to construct.

And move in ….

Can you help with any of the above?

If so please contact us as soon as possible, on 07951 770241 or email: canoeing@thesharks.org.uk.

Help Make It Happen

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